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About Children's Center of Lexington

  • PLAY-BASED CURRICULUM                                                                                  There are several ways to explain play-based curriculum. It's a carefully planned environment that is both stimulating and exciting. It has teachers who support children as they explore their environment, who talk with them, and who extend their play when required. It's a fun place to play, where children also learn from their experiences and activities. A play-based curriculum is developmentally appropriate for all children; this type of curriculum meets children where they are, instead of requiring them to fit within the lines of a worksheet. A play-based curriculum can be accurately described as "observation-based" or child-centered. This terms make sense because they recognize that children learn best when they are allowed to discover what they want to learn. It's also worth noting that a play-based curriculum is most successful in an environment that has been arranged into learning/interest centers. (excerpt from an article in "Earlychildhood NEWS" by Miriam Brookfield) 
  • CLASSES                                                                                                                         CCL has 6 classrooms: 2 toddler rooms with a teacher- child ratio of 1:3; 4 preschool rooms (2 three-year-old rooms and 2 four-year-old rooms) with ratios of 1:5. In addition to the classroom teachers, we have two, full-time float teachers who help out in all the classrooms as needed. Each class follows its own daily routine providing individual and group activities, quiet and active times.
  • TEACHERS                                                                                                            Teachers are the heart of our program. We place a great value on their service and take pride in staff longevity - two of the Center's teachers have been here for 35 years and several have celebrated 10 and 20 year anniversaries. All teachers are certified by the MA Department of Early Education and Care and have advanced degrees (AA,BA, Masters). They  are required to participate in annual outside training and development and all are certified in first Aid and CPR.
  • PLAY                                                                                                                           CCL has a large, well-equipped playground with climbing structures, sandboxes, a garden, shade and lots of room for running and playing. In the summer, pools and hoses come out for refreshing dips. In the winter there's room to ride a slide or make a snowman. When the weather won't cooperate, children tumble, run, dance, play ball and ride bikes in the Long Room, our large indoor play area.
  • PARENT INVOLVEMENT                                                                                             We encourage, but do not require, parents to get involved in Center activities. You may join the CCL Board, chair a special event, visit your child's classroom at any time, or come in for one of the classroom or center-wide special events.