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In our classrooms, there's space for exploration, self-discovery and lots of learning. We may be drawing pictures of our families, or writing and illustrating books,building with blocks, painting at the easel, dancing and singing,playing in the dramatic play area and splashing in the water table. 

CCL is located in downtown Lexington which gives us lots of places to explore outside of the building. We might take a walk to the meadow, visit the police or fire stations, watch a parade go down Mass Avenue, go to story time at the Library or to a restaurant for pizza. 

Toddler Program Goals - Pink and Green Rooms
Our goal is to provide a safe, warm, and comfortable environment for the children. The first goal is to ease them through the task of separating and leaving their parents to attend the Center.
  • We put a strong emphasis on helping children develop social skills such as making friends, taking turns, and problem solving. A lot of time is spent on language and communication skills as they go hand in hand with social skills. At circle time we focus on names, songs, stories, finger plays, puppets, music and movement to expand children's language and attention skills.
  • We also help children with self-help skills such as feeding and dressing themselves, hand washing and toileting, when appropriate. A variety of open-ended art projects are provided to encourage children's creativity. We allow children to use materials the way they want to complete their projects.
  • ​We use walking trips and experimentation to expose children to science, nature, and their environment. Children develop their muscles by walking, running, climbing and dancing. We also use bikes to help them learn to pedal.
  • Blocks, pattern games, sorting toys, and other manipulative toys and games are used to develop the children's fine motor, pre-math and problem solving skills.
  • We will make your child's learning experience in the Pink and Green Rooms fun, nurturing, stimulating, safe, warm and loving.

Three Year Old Program Goals - Yellow and Blue Rooms​
We want to help children develop new skills as well as further develop skills they have already acquired. We want to develop social skills, create an environment that fosters independence and positive self-esteem, encourage children to think, reason, question, and discover. We also will encourage the children to be creative and have fun! Providing activities in varied areas - art, science, math, language - will encourage their growth.
  • Art: The children are given open-ended materials such as paint, glue, paper, crayons, markers, and scissors. They are encouraged to be creative and expressive in their artwork. 
  • Science: The children use identification, classification, measurement, and water/sand play. They can experience physical changes through baking as well as changes in colors through art projects. 
  • Math: The children experience number concepts through matching, grouping, sorting, classifying, and on-to-one correspondence when counting. They can also experience measurement  through baking activities and wight though blocks and art projects.
  • Language: The children are encouraged throughout the day to expand on their language skills through conversation with their friends, family members, and teachers. They are encouraged to discuss their art projects, their role-playing in the dramatic play area, to sing songs and listen during group time. Language skills are also developed through reading, telling stories and playing guessing games.

Pre-K Program Goals - Purple and Rainbow Room​s

Our goal for all children is that they are developed in all areas to their fullest potential; and are ready and eager to go to kindergarten. Each child  will be ready to face the next educational challenge with great confidence and the tools necessary to be a successful learner. While your child is with us we will provide an environment and curriculum:
  • that helps to develop a good sense of self-esteem;
  • that is warm and secure where all children will feel comfortable and safe;
  • that fosters children's imagination through art, literature, and science;
  • that helps children learn cooperative play and make friends;
  • that helps children use verbal communication vs. physical aggression to express themselves;
  • that teaches children about other cultures and traditions and helps children realize that people are and can be different (individuals) and help them appreciate differences;
  • that helps them become aware of the environment and appreciate nature;
  • that causes children to be excited about learning new things and stimulates curiosity;
  • that fosters a love of books and literature;
  • with open-ended art;
  • that helps children listen and take directions;
  • that increases attention span;
  • that encourages children to make good and appropriate choices;
  • that fosters independence and self-help skills;
  • that develops cognitive skills: pre-reading and math, including recognizing letters and numbers, rhyming, opposites, differences and similarities, executive functioning and problem solving, etc.;
  • that gives children the practice in fine motor development needed for holding a writing implement leading to the ability to write and gross motor development needed climbing, skipping,coordination for playing  sports and riding a bike;
  • that is fun and child-centered!